Neuro-reconnection in nine steps

01. Feelings, emotion and all our rationality were part of evolution for perpetuation of mankind on Earth;

02.  Belief and faith are feelings; so, they also were part of evolution;

03. Each religion and, so, all beliefs are relative, not absolute. It’s the religious relativism;

04. We, mankind, always create different religious values from each other in time and space due to religious relativism. These values were and are created by human capacity of imagination and there’s no supernatural factor or existence in the universe. They are not linked to something real, true, but have power when are evoked;

05 - Believing and faith are absolute in human, i.e., we grow with these skills, and we will use them depending on our belief, for which we are submitted to learn since our childhood. A few people change their faith, and, maybe, their religion, during their life;

06. Religious practices and its best values lighten negative emotional feelings due to existential questions and/or several disturbances which affect our psychological well-being;

07. On the other hand, meditation and therapies also serve for what was purposed in previous item;

08. Meditation, therapies and religious practices change brain regions functionality and/or structures, and such degree may vary from people to people, in their life quality;

09. I name neuro-reconnection every single psychic improvement; it's the reconnection with world: family, work, social life.

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